YouTube Gold v7.0 Download 2023 for Android

YouTube Gold v7.0 download 2023, We’ll talk about What’s new version and What are the benefits of golden youtube apk update.

YT Gold update latest version free for Android devices.

 YouTube Gold v7.0 apk download 2023 Latest Version

Youtube Gold apk download 2023 Latest Version Gold update 2023 v7.0

What’s new YouTube Golden 

  1. The rule has been updated to the latest version in Google Play latest version.
  2. Add all the new additions and features to YouTube.
  3. Fixed an offline issue on some devices.
  4. Fix all problems.

 What are the benefits of Gold update?

  1.  without ads: play videos without ads – no annoying ads.
  2. Video and Audio Download: Downloads videos directly to your phone by clicking the arrow inside the video.
  3. Use the gesture to control zoom, volume, and brightness: Tap the screen to zoom in (regardless of device) and drag the volume and brightness controls up and down.
  4. Switch appearance: Switch between the normal white theme, black or dark night mode.
  5. Background playback: Play Youtube videos in the background for all Android devices.
  6. Auto-repeat feature: No need to press replay manually, use Youtube Golden auto-repeat feature.
  7. Picture-in-Picture (PIP): While using other apps, keep watching videos in picture in picture mode.
  8. Customize the video playback speed: Set the playback speed as you prefer.
  9. Adjust video resolution: Select the resolution you prefer HDR or VP9: you control what you want.
  10. Override Max Resolution: You can also override a video’s maximum resolution.
  11. And more add-ons you can find in YouTube Settings, then Gold YouTube Add-ons.
    Important Note: You must first download and install the YT Gold microG login assistant app to login to your account without problems.

gold youtube download 2023 latest version 

Link to download YouTube Golden v7.0 apk for Android devices

YouTube_Gold apk

Important Note: You must first download and install the Gold microG login assistant app to login to your account without problems.

Download the YT Gold microG auxiliary app

Direct link to download the login assistant app from Mediafire ????

YT Golden microG

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