Download Gold Tik Tok against ban | How to install TikTok Gold apk

Download Tik Tok Gold 2023 on Android and Tik Tok apk is a great app for those who are looking to become a star on social media and have their own fan base as well as the banned country in which TikTok apk is located.

So the TikTok Gold version was recently launched with additional features with which you can use the app better, hence we are going to talk about Tiktok Golden apk and how to install it on Android in this article.

Download TikTok Gold 2023 against ban for Android devices




Information about Golden Tik Tok

DeveloperAbo Arab
based on the latest version28.1.3
Date of amendment02/2023
Tik Tok Anti Bin
Download TikTok Gold 2022
Tik Tok Gold

Important notes to open Tik-Tok Gold application against ban

You can download the application according to the architecture of the processor type of your Android device, the versions are divided into two processors according to the type of phone.  You can download the version according to the architecture of the processor type if it is armeabi-v7a or arm64-v8a.

To find out what kind of processor architecture your device has, you can install CPU-Z app from Google Play Store.


Download the TikTok Plugin helper apk that you can download from the site, this app helps you forcibly change the country to another country and unblock the blocked countries.




What is Tik Tok Golden Abo3rab?

It is a modified version of the official TikTok app and comes with a large number of additional features not found in the original app.

The main advantages of TikTok Gold

Without ads.

Download media without watermark.

TikTok download folder instead of DCIM/Camera.

Download videos by long pressing on the video.

Download any video, even if it has any restrictions that prevent downloading.

What’s new in the Tik Tok Gold application, the latest version?

It is based on the latest version of Google Play 28.1.3.
Divide the copies into two processors according to the type of phone.  You can download the version according to the architecture of the processor type if it is armeabi-v7a or arm64-v8a.
A helper application has been added to Golden TikTok 2022 that you can download from the site.  This app helps you to forcibly change the country to another country, unblock blocked countries, change the theme, change the font…etc.
Add the author tag to the name of the downloaded file.
Activate watch history.
Add the state of Yemen, Sudan and Jordan in the assistant application.
Remove all ads.
Fixed an issue with logging in with a Google account.
Fixed an issue with logging in with Facebook.
The problem with logging in via VK has been fixed.
Lots of bug fixes in this update.

What are the features of the Tiktok Golden application, the latest version

Here are the additional features of Tik tok Gold for Android that are not in the original Tik Tok apk.

All additional advertising methods are blocked.
1.  Disable autoplay.
2. Enable high quality audio.
3.  Enable high quality video.
4.  Activate super precision.
5. Activate the smoothing effect.
6.  Disable notification locks.
7.  Facebook permissions fix.
9.   VK permissions fix.
10. Remove all ads.
11. Create video and download gif without watermark to Movies/TikTok folder instead of DCIM/Camera.
12. All restrictions on downloads have been removed, you can download any video.
13. Remove all other restrictions (many).
14. The application has been cleaned as much as possible, duplicate graphics removed.
15. Improved graphics.
16. maximum application pressure.
17. Disable unnecessary activities.
18. Restrictions on binaries and dynamic wallpapers have been removed.
19. Optimize battery drain.
20. Remove most regional restrictions.

What are the features of TikTok Plugin v1.90 apk ?

1. Regions details (press and hold on the region option).
2. Added more than 20 new countries within regions.
3. Option to match the posting region to the selected region.  (Do not display posts that are not related to the selected region).
4. Hide ads from trend list in discovery section.
5. Option to disable playing videos in the behavior loop.
6. Hide the live broadcast feature from the timeline.
7. Possibility to change the download directory.
8. Option to hide post comment from everywhere.
9. Option to hide long posts (custom length) from the timeline.
10. Ability to create a keyword block list for comments (posts containing specific words will not appear in the timeline).
 Video watermark removal and GIF watermark options.
11. Ability to bypass privacy settings for duo and stitches.
12. Change the theme of the plugin.
13. Add new speeds in playback speed option.  (1.25 times, 1.5 times, 2.25 times, 2.5 times).
14. Option to change font style (currently supports 6 new fonts + default).
15. Option to change UI colors as base color for bottom background.
16. Added the ability to reset plugin settings (Menu > Reset).

17. Option to download videos without audio (Mute videos will be saved with mute.mp4 prefix).
18. Click the app bar to go to the top of the list of options.
19. Long press on the options to see more information.

Download Tik Tok Gold Abo3rab for Android

It is not surprising to hear about TikTok Golden application for Android recently, this program has invaded the world recently and has become one of the most popular applications among users, especially teenagers, as we find that this application has very high speeds and records, which is one of the most important reasons for the success of the application and its spread on the Internet.  The world is very fast.  On the other hand, Tik Tok Gold software for Android phones makes video editing after video output easy, smooth, fast, very simple and complex without requiring experience or prior knowledge of minimum video editing basics.

As a result, we found that many people started trying Download Gold Tik Tok 2022 for Android, and we see Golden Tik Tok for Android coming after two apps, and Vine.


Frequently asked questions about download the Tik tok Gold app:

Is it possible to download Golden tiktok for free?
 Yes, you can download TikTok Golden on Android for free and you can use it for free as well.

Will we get updates on TikTok Golden?

 Yes, once the Tik tok Gold apk developers version updates to the mod version, the same will be provided to you from our website.

What about the original app after downloading Golden Tik Tok?!

You cannot download Tik Tok Golden before uninstalling the original TikTok apk from your Android phone.

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