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Black WhatsApp V11.41 download Today we will talk about the black gold WhatsApp apk against viruses, as in the recent period malicious codes or what some call “contact viruses” have spread, harassing WhatsApp, and then WhatsApp does not work because of these codes … Many users complain about the collapse of Whats App and some users do not that. Know that this problem is caused by viruses sent by some people to corrupt WhatsApp versions. And they call me and they think the problem is caused by my WhatsApp copies… Note that WhatsApp works without any issues at all.

Recently malicious codes or what some call “contact viruses” spread, harassing WhatsApp, then WhatsApp does not work because of these codes… Many users are complaining about WhatsApp crashing and some users do not. Know that this problem is caused by viruses that some people send to corrupt Whats versions. And they call me and think that the cause of the problem is my copy of WhatsApp… Note that WhatsApp works without any problems at all.

Black WhatsApp V11.41 Download 2024 latest version

WhatsApp Black download 2023
WhatsApp Black apk

WhatsApp Gold Black Update 2024 for Android

black WhatsApp antivirus update 2024

What is WhatsApp Black

WhatsApp Black WA5_Abo3rab is an instant messaging program, a modified version of gold whatsapp , developed by Abu Arab. In this topic, we will discuss what are the features of this app and how to download it. Follow us. black gold whatsapp Abo3rab is one of the most important messaging and chatting applications on the social media platform, and it is an antivirus version.

Developer Abu Arab has modified this version of WhatsApp because it has many features and features that are not found in any other application, not even the original application, and there is no home without WhatsApp.

Download Black WhatsApp because it contains important things that comfort all the people in their life whether through chats, voice calls or video calls. Whats App Black, after the massive advancement in technology, it is very easy to create a personal account on WhatsApp APK. All you need is just a phone number.

Download WA5 Black Abo3rab apk 

It is the most advanced version of the current version and it has many advantages, there are many versions that appeared on WhatsApp but this version contains many advantages, as it provides assistance to the user and facilitates the work on the application with better quality and more in some way this application has the privacy and security that work on Protect your phone and user’s private data from hacking and snooping from others, this app has been designed on the official color and black icon.

WhatsApp Gold Black, or as some call it, Black WhatsApp is the WhatsApp Plus Black program that allows you to easily change the color and size of the chat font and chat with the font you want. In addition, you will be able to increase the download size.

Increasingly send music and videos to your friends, this antivirus app can be completely different from now on, send music and photos to your friends with just one click, in this version of WhatsApp Black 2023, the user interface and communication has been greatly improved.

Features of the WhatsApp Black update

Perhaps the most prominent feature of the WhatsApp Black application is privacy, as it allows the user to hide many things from his friends, such as hiding appearing in WhatsApp, hiding that you have seen the status, or hiding that you are writing a message or recording a message. audio clip, hide the message you received or read, and much more. Among the useful additions that distinguish this version of the Black WhatsApp application, we will address each of them separately.

Auto reply to messages: This feature allows you to leave a private message when you receive messages from your friends if you are offline or do not want to reply to them, and you can also specify when the message is sent and which contacts you want.
Message scheduling: With this feature, you can choose any time to automatically send a message to the contacts you have selected, and you can also control how often it is sent.
Hide chats or chats: This add-on allows you to hide any chat from the chat list, it can be easily activated by long pressing on any chat you want to hide, then choosing from the WhatsApp WA5 top menu “Hide”, you will be asked to create a new password to protect the hidden chats. And if you want to show it again, click on the WhatsApp word in the top menu, enter your chosen password, and you will see the hidden chats, then you can select any conversation by pressing and holding it as in the first, then choose from the top menu “Show”.
Protect WhatsApp Black with a password: One of the features of WhatsApp developer Abu Arab is to protect WhatsApp with a password, as no one can open WhatsApp Black without knowing the password.

WhatsApp Black Update Antivirus

whatsapp gold black download against viruses latest version | WA5 Abo3rab apk

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