FMWhatsApp Download v9.65 2023 | fm whatsapp update v9.62

FM WhatsApp download v9.62 2023 latest version. MODs are always a great option over the original app. If you are using WhatsApp mods and looking for a new one then FMWA is the best choice. It will make things easy for you. Fouad WhatsApp offers a lot of features that the original WhatsApp application will not provide you. Features like customization, privacy, and much more to give its users new experiences of WhatsApp using.

Official page for downloading fmwhatsapp latest version , There is a reason why people always use apk mods instead of the original app. The user experience with MOD APK improves the overall user experience. MOD developers modify existing features and are always adding new ones to the app. This is why most people insist on using Whatsapp MOD APK files. GB Whatsapp alexmods, OG Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus alexmods, and Black Whatsapp are some of the popular Whatsapp MODs. This MOD apps is not available on Google Play Store as like WhatsApp official.

FMWhatsapp v9.65 Download apk (Official) 2023

FM Whatsapp Apk download 2023 new version
fm whatsapp 2023

Official page for downloading FMWhatsapp new version v9.65

Fouad WhatsApp v9.65 latest Version

Information about Fouad WhatsApp


FMWAApplication name
By Fouad ModsDeveloper
55 MBsize
WhatsApp MODApplication type
5.0 +Required
1 day agoUpdate
Fouad WhatsApp

Old version FMWhatsApp download

What is FM WhatsApp?

Fouad Whatsapp download Apk is a modified latest version of the original Whatsapp with a lot of new user experiences. The original WhatsApp application does not contain any bugs, but due to the lack of some features, it becomes worthwhile to use the application. FMWA mods provides useful features that are not found in the original WhatsApp application. It doesn’t even matter if we are using an original WhatsApp or a MOD. We are always looking for the best app that provides the best features. There are a lot of Whatsapp MOD APK files available on the internet today, some of them are copy of the original app which has no new features, some of them are fake. Therefore, we decided to collect WhatsApp MOD from reliable sources and make it available for you easily.

Features of FM WhatsApp (Updated)

It is always said that MODs are always a great option over the original application. With the increasing demand from users for privacy and new features, users tend to use WhatsApp mods instead of the original version. This is because mods provide new features that are not present in the original feature. So here we have mentioned some features of Fouad Whatsapp. I’m sure you will love these features and definitely try FMWA.

Privacy of FM WhatsApp apps

Freeze your last scene.

Hide View Status in FMWA.

Show blue tick after reply.

Hide delivered and blueTick.

Hide writing and recording work text.

Disable the forwarded tag in messages.

Anti-deletion status.

Anti delete messages.


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