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GBWhatsApp Pro App Download Latest v17.10 Official (Updated) Anti-Ban 2022

GBWhatsApp Pro v17.10 is a modified version of GBWhatsApp. It is considered one of the best versions of Download WhatsApp Plus because it has many great features such as the ability to change the look of WhatsApp Pro and keep the status quiet…

About GBWhatsApp Pro App

With the help of two identical telephone clients to By using GBWA Pro legitimately, GBWhatsApp Pro apk offers all the advantages, but no extra space to clone apps and no RAM hassles. With this external application, the customer can take advantage of specific features that cannot be accessed elsewhere, such as visit themes, hidden metrics, application blocks, tenants, and sky limits.

Latest Key Features of GBWhatsApp Pro

First, open GBWhatsApp Pro v17.10 and go to GBWhatsapp setting. And click on Privacy and Settings.

Freeze Last View (Hide Online the condition)

You can also freeze your last seen as you see in this photo.

GBWhatsApp Pro App Name
Version v17.10 Release
50 MBmeasuring
1 Day ago Update
GBwhatsapp Pro


You can hide the blue ticks.
You can hide the second check mark.
U can hide the blue microphone.
You can hide writing.
You can hide the recording.

dark road

NL You can activate Whatsapp Pro dark mode.

Change font style

You can also change the font style.
This mode introduces many fonts.
You can also change the fonts to English and Arabic.
Additional functions for GBWhatsapp.

The following functions are also available for GBWhatsapp Pro

Themes are remembered for GBWA app and now it is one of the most fashionable. It allows you to change the design of your apk file as often as you want.

From now on, there are many themes available and the designer continues to bring them.

GBWhatsApp Pro has additional security settings which are not available in the app to the authorities.

It allows you to hide / show online status, save/show blue letters and two signs, Configuration status, etc.Save/Show.

App lock requires a pattern, PIN, password, or fingerprint to access and access your messages.

It includes a layer of security and also hides your messages from those who come to your phone.

The PIN and password can be displayed when the desired option is entered.

GBWhatsApp Pro allows you to send files Messages to any number whether they are in your contact list or not.

They need to register this number on WhatsApp to get the content.

WhatsApp allows you to share a variety of media, from reports to photos, GIFs and recordings. Anyway, you will have a file Document size for this media movement.

With GBWhatsApp Pro, this breakpoint expands to 700MB, which is a huge improvement for things like sharing long recordings.

While compressing WhatsApp images to send images may be faster, the quality of the post is very low, especially if you need to use images that you need to send to another life based on the Internet.

GB WhatsApp Pro accounts for full photo sharing. More lovely or beloved photos!

Up to 1,000 calls can be blocked on GBWhatsApp instead of just three.

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